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Travel Report - Q1 2016

Written by  Viktor Gamov -
Life on the road. It’s a brief review of first three months of 2016. Major events - Toronto JUG, Central Ohio JUG, DevNexus.
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Initial blog post


At the suggestion of those of you who read my blog and send me comments, I am going to try to write one post about travel and events per quarter. With that said, 2016 just began, and I have already completed five events to share with you.

Conferences and User Groups

Toronto JUG, Toronto, CA

After a vacation with my family in the warm sand of Miami, FL, it was a tough trip to Canada during the winter. I spent the entire day of working with the clients and prospects in Toronto. Then I was off to speak at Toronto JUG. The Java User Group happened right at the bar. It was a first for me!


Literally! The developers got to eat, drink and enjoy the show by truly yours. I found myself feeling like a struggling standup comedian. You will enjoy watching me dream about being at the bar myself!

Video is available here

Central Ohio Java User Group (COJUG), Dublin, OH

Then it was off to another fascinating first in Ohio. I presented to this meet-up group during lunch time. The COJUG folks have found this format is more flexible for many of the members. Of course, they have a traditional "after work" format they use too. That allows them to make their events work for a larger number of schedules too.


Kudos to those organizers for offering flexibility!

DevNexus 2016, Atlanta, GA

Next was DevNexus, sponsored by the AJUG. This year was once again a blast.

devnexus 2016

I met over 200 people and did three talks. If you were unfortunate and did not get to attend, perhaps one of these three talks will provide some encouragement to get you to the next year event.

  • Ground Up Introduction to in-memory Data (Grids)

  • Ultimate Spring Configurations Face-off with @jbaruch and @yfain.

  • Epic Groovy Puzzlers: Season 2 with @jbaruch.

The week culminated with an interview by @steveonjava. I always enjoy being ask to discuss the value of using in-memory data grids.

New York Spring User Group, New York, NY

Finally, I got a few days at home and could head over to do a session for them on caching use cases in Spring Boot projects. New York Spring Users Meet-up If you have one of these use cases on the horizon, let me know what you think and if I can help—drop me a note!

By the way, I will be doing a webinar on the similar topic next week. Make sure to RSVP here.

Chattanooga Developers Meetup, Chattanooga, TN

The Chattanooga Cho-Cho was my final destination for this month. It was another group that prefers a productive lunch break with AWESOME chicken biscuits! A chicken biscuit for lunch was also a first for me! But it won’t be the last time I have that for lunch! They have live video stream from the event for members that can’t get there for lunch! I am really impressed with the flexibility that JUG organizers are developing to make these learning and networking sessions work for such a variety of schedules!

The Plans For Q2

Table 2. As you will see the plan for Q2 is even bigger and broader!
Event Name Location Topic Date

Hazelcast Webinar Series


Caching Made Bootiful

April, 4

Philly Emerging Tech 2016

Philadelphia, PA

Just a Hazelcast Booth

April, 11-12


San Francisco, CA

Learn from gurus of developer relationships

April, 16

Enterprise Data World

San Diego, CA

Ground-up introduction in in-memory data grids

April 17-18


Moscow, RU

Распределенные кэши: Беспредел!

April 22-23

JPoint, Student’s Day

Moscow, RU

Распределяй и властвуй: введение в распределенные системы

April 24

Moscow JUG

Moscow, RU

Все что вы хотели знать о Hazelcast, но боялись спросить

April 26



Just a Hazelcast booth

May 17-19


Napa, CA

Pragmatic Scalability: under the hoot of Artifactory HA

May 23-24


Tallin, Estonia

Distributed Caching with JCache and Beyond

June 9-10

Stay In Touch

I look forward to meeting even more of you in person this quarter!

For even more opportunities to develop your distributed system knowledge, I encourage you to keep an eye on Hazelcast Events page or follow me at @gamussa on Twitter!